Thank you for reading the Okinawa Opinion. If you would like to support Okinawa, there are two ways to aid the prevention of the reclamation of the Henoko sea.

1. Send a Message

Many famous people in Japan have opposed the Henoko reclamation. Even in the United States, 133 scholars including Noam Chomsky issued a statement supporting revocation of land reclamation approval in 2018.

Source: Ryukyu Simpo English

You can also support the prevention of the Henoko landfill in Okinawa in two simple ways. The first way to support our cause is to by sending messages to members of the United States Senate and House Armed Services Committees asking them to explain their continued refusal to respect the will of the Okinawan people, to live up to their own environmental responsibilities, and to act on behalf of their country’s best interests, as well as its proudest traditions.

Sample Letter
I believe you should oppose the ongoing destruction of Okinawa’s environment to create a new military base in Henoko. The base is against American interests and America’s founding principles, as it is being constructed in the face of overwhelming opposition from the Okinawan people.

Building the base will also create a man-made disaster of Henoko’s pristine coral reef and its unique wildlife, which will be sealed under three-quarters of a billion cubic feet of concrete.

Therefore, please commit to reflecting on the will of the Okinawa people regarding the National Defense Authorization Act, and help stop the construction of this destructive base.

Thank you.

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2. Donation

The second way to support our efforts is through making a donation. Your generous donations can enable us to strengthen the voice of Okinawa and support non-violent actions to prevent the reclamation of Henoko. The donations received will be used for placing advertorials in newspapers in Japan, funds for our traveling opposition groups that hold conventions around the country to speak out about Okinawan opinions, supporting people who go to Henoko to prevent construction, and staff members who support this project.

If you would like to support the Okinawa Opinion movement and protect the Henoko Sea, you can make a donation using the form below.

Let’s listen to the opinions of Okinawa, and bring power to the Okinawan people.

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